503 Service Temporary Unavailable error - Linux VPS/Cloud

If you are seeing the following error in your browser, while accessing a website hosted on your Linux VPS/Cloud and you have any Tomcat JSP based websites running:

503 Service Temporary Unavailable

That means that most likely your Tomcat service is down or is experiencing problems

Depending on your package there are 2 available scenarios on how to proceed:

Option 1 - Private JVM: If you are using any of our Private JVM based packages such as Java VPS, Java Cloud or VPS/Cloud with purchased JVM plugin, you can restart your Tomcat service from your cPanel control panel for the site for which the service is down. The restart service option is available within the Private JVM tool, under the Preferences section of your cPanel.

If the problem continues we recommend that you login to your service via SSH and investigate further, any log files associated with your hosted JSP websites

Option 2 - Shared Tomcat: If you are using the default cPanel/WHM Tomcat installation of Tomcat you can restart it via:


For more information on how to use/troubleshoot the shared Tomcat service offered with cPanel/WHM please, check:  

You can check if your Tomcat service is up also if you are using cPanel/WHM, and if necessary restart it through the Services section of cPanel/WHM.

We recommend that you review your service load, logs, running processes, etc - if you are experiencing this issue frequently. If you need further assistance please, contact our support.