Mocha - Health Monitoring Tool

NOTE: This article applies only for our Private JVM tool available for all cPanel Private JVM Linux accounts (does not apply to our Shared JVM Business, or Shared JVM Mocha accounts). The private JVM is also available for our Java VPS + Java cloud packages.

As part of our Private JVM packages, we provide an advanced Tomcat health monitoring tool for your application server, which you can enable from your application server menu, under our Private JVM tool. The tool will watch over your server and it will restart it if it your application server crashes for any reason.

We encourage you that you review this tool, and take advantage of it, which can greatly improve the uptime of your Private JVM instance.

Please, note that the tool wont start your server if you have purposely stopped it. The tool wont fix any configuration errors which might be preventing your application server to start.