Installing Odoo on Linux VPS/Cloud

Installing an Odoo server requires root access to the server provided with our private plans (VPS/Cloud).

Below are some generalized recommendations based on the number of websites you wish to host with the application:

  • For a 5 user site = 2 CPU server and 2 GB Ram

  • For 20 user site = 4 CPU server and 8 GB Ram

  • For 100+ user site = 2 x 8 CPU servers with 32 GB Ram

  1. Log in to your server as user root.

ssh root@IP

  1. At the very beginning it is best to start a screen session by executing the following command:

screen -U -S odoo

and make sure that all services installed on your server are up to date:

yum -y update

  1. Odoo uses a PostgreSQL database, so we have to remove MariaDBserver if it is installed:

yum remove mariadb mariadb-server

  1. In order to install all Odoo 9 dependencies the EPEL repository must be added to the distribution’s repositories:

yum install -y epel-release

  1. Install PostgreSQL server:

yum install -y postgresql-server

Once it is installed and started for the first time, we have to initialize the PostgreSQL database:

postgresql-setup initdb

Start the PostgreSQL server and enable it to start at boot time

systemctl start postgresqlsystemctl enable postgresql

PS: If you have Cpanel installed, the PostgreSQL needs to be installed using the script below:


  1. Create new yum repository for Odoo:

nano /etc/yum.repos.d/odoo.repo

With the following content:

[odoo-nightly]name=Odoo Nightly repositorybaseurl=

and finally install Odoo 9:

yum install -y odoo

  1. This will install the latest version of Odoo and all its dependencies.

After the installation is completed, start Odoo and enable it to start at boot times:

systemctl start odoosystemctl enable odoo

  1. Open Odoo’s configuration file and uncomment the ‘admin\_passwd’ line to set the admin master password:

vim /etc/odoo/openerp-server.confadmin\_passwd = YourPassword

Don’t forget to replace ‘YourPassword’ with an actual strong password.

  1. Restart Odoo for the changes to take effect:

systemctl restart odoo