How to migrate your web site to your new hosting account with us ? (for non cPanel accounts only)

NOTE: This article applies for all non cPanel based accounts, if you have a cPanel based account (for example Linux Shared account) please, follow this tutorial instead:
Free Migration of your account from another web hosting provider (cPanel)

The steps you need to take to migrate the contents of your web hosting account/site are:

  1. Copy the entire content of the account from the servers of your current hosting provider. You should be able able to download your files via FTP (for example with Filezilla). If your website has a database, you need to export all of your databases as well.

  2. Upload the content of the website in your hosting account on our servers. You can also use FTP to upload the files. Import any databases if your site is database driven.

  3. If you have created email accounts with your domain name, you need to create them through your control panel (WebSite Panel/Plesk/etc), thus there will be no loss of emails as your domain propagate.

  4. After making sure that the website is running smoothly on our servers, you can change the Name Servers (DNS) domain with these of's.

The exact Name servers you will find in your Welcome email for the hosting account.