General Questions

NOTE: This article applies only for our Private JVM tool available for all cPanel Private JVM Linux accounts (does not apply to our Shared JVM Business, or Shared JVM Mocha accounts). The private JVM is also available for our Java VPS + Java cloud packages.

General FAQ questions regarding our private JVM tool:

Q: Where are my Tomcat files?
A: You can see your path in your Private JVM Application Server, under section - Path

Q: Could I deploy custom libraries and how?
A: Yes, you can. In tomcat 5.5 you need to upload them in your apache-tomcat-path/common/lib/, in Tomcat 6 and 7+ you need to use apache-tomcat-path/lib

Q: I can not use MySQL, it can not find the driver?
A: You need to upload Mysql.jar library.

Q: What is this exception "Keystore not Found" in my logs, is it fatal?
A: This exceptions is important only for SSL enabled domains. If you are not using SSL, you may simply ignore it.

Q: Why Tomcat listens on different ports than the default ones?
A: This is the only way to deliver you completely isolated Private JVM in shared server environment.

Q: Could I modify my ports?
A: No. This will disrupt your service.

Q: How could I modify my config tools? Is there a tool online?
A: You can use your cPanel File Editor.

Q: My Server cannot start. What to do?
A: You need to check your logs and find the error and fix it. If the error is about your server.xml file you can reset it via reset button in Application server section.