Allow/Deny IPs via web.config

In order to allow or deny cetain IPs via the web.config, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the WebsitePanel

  1. Choose File Manager from under your Hosting Space (Soho/Business/Mocha...).

  1. Navigate to your directory and edit the web.config.

  1. Add the following code into your web.config just under the  tag.

For blocking specific IP addresses:



PS: being the IP you wish to block.

Deny all, but allow specific IPs or networks:



PS: is allowed so the web-server/localhost can connect to your website and process your files.

If you wish to allow / deny a whole network rather than just one IP, you can add the following between the IP address subnetMask="" (you will need to chang the subnet Mask depending on the range of the network), so the completed line will look like this:


  1. After you are done modifying the web.config, click Save.