Linux VPS - Android and iPhone Phone Apps

Our control panel which is based on SolusVM control panel allows for online management through your cell/mobile phone (Android and i-Phone). 

Online management through cell/mobile phone

You can reboot your VPS, start, stop it or simply check its status directly from the convenience of your phone.

For more information on these free applications please, check:

  1. Android based

  2. iPhone based


Once you have installed the software to your phone, you'll need to login to your VPS control panel.

From your VPS panel select the VPS you would like to control from your phone then click on the API Settings icon.

You will see:

Click on the Generate button to get your API key and hash key.

You should should see the following.

Start the mobile application on your phone and enter the details which were displayed after generating a key and hash.

Name: your\_VPS\_name

Host: your\_VPS\_host\_name

API Key: Generated from the API settings

API Hash: Generated from the API settings

If everything is correct you should now see something similar to below.