How to deploy a WAR (Web application ARchive) in the NGASI Panel

In order to deploy your application in the NGASI panel, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your NGASI control panel.

  2. Go to the "App Factory" sub menu and click on the "Upload" button, located next to the "Upload Application" space, to upload your .war file.

  3. Click on the "Browse" button to browse the .war file from your PC and wait for the upload process to finish.

  4. When the upload is completed, select the corresponding .war file from the "List of Available Applications" and click on the "Add" button. Wait for the .war file deploying process to finish.

  5. Click on the "Installed Applications" tab, select your .war file application and click on "Configure"

  6. Under the "Application Virtual Hosts" field, add the virtual hosts/domain(s) you want to display the JSP application and click on "Finish"

  7. On the top of the NGASI panel, click on "Web server and hosting manager configuration" in order to enable the wildcard map.

  8. From the "Web Servers Virtual Hosts" drop down menu, select the domain for which you wish to enable the wildcard and click on the "Enable Wildcard Map" button.

Wait for the process to be completed, it might take a while.

You should enable the wildcard map for accessing the JSP files and once the process is completed, you will then be able to access your JSP Application.