Preview your Tomcat page

NOTE: This article applies only for our Private JVM tool available for all cPanel Private JVM Linux accounts (does not apply to our Shared JVM Business, or Shared JVM Mocha accounts). The private JVM is also available for our Java VPS + Java cloud packages.

You can preview your Tomcat page by going to the "Preview" plugin inside your cPpanel control panel or by clicking on the preview link in your Private JVM - Mapped Domains section, if using the later method you need to select the domain name which you'd like to preview.

Another way to preview your domain is to type directly in your browser -, where you substitute with the desired domain to preview and with the FQDN servername where your account is being hosted as specified in your account activation Welcome e-mail.

Please note that you need to map your domain name(s) properly before you can preview.