Managing and mapping a domain to Private JVM

NOTE: This applies only for our Private JVM tool available for all cPanel Private JVM Linux accounts (does not apply to our Shared JVM Business, or Shared JVM Mocha accounts). The private JVM is also available for our Java VPS + Java cloud packages.

After you have successfully installed your Tomcat Application server you should see "Map a domain to Private JVM" section under your Private JVM tool. In the dropdown list are all of your domains that were previously added in cPanel control panel.

You need to add all domains which are going to use Tomcat instance following this constrains:

  • If the domain is not your main domain, you need to setup it as an Addon domains with path outside public\_html directory. This is done through your cPanel control panel.

  • If the domain is using mixed code, and there is code witch should not be processed by Tomcat, you need to put that code in separate subdomain outside of the domain folder.

After you have successfully added your domain(s) to your Private JVM, you should see "Mapped domains" section in your Private JVM tool. In order to tell Apache to redirect all traffic of the specified domain to your Tomcat Instance, you need to put a tick on Enable/Disable check box.

Now you can deploy your application and start the Tomcat server.

NOTE: If you are currently using an account that does not come with our private JVM tool, you can easily upgrade to a Private JVM account using our upgrade form located at: