WooCommerce - Disable Cart Fragments

The WooCommerce store has a very common issue, which impacts significantly your page loading times, especially your Home page.

The AJAX cart fragments feature automatically updates the cart total in a customer’s shopping cart without having to refresh the page. 

The problem, however, is that this feature severely impacts page speed and consumes higher server resources. 

On top of that, WooCommerce performs this action even on pages where there are no shopping cart or product-related details!

The "Disable Cart Fragments" plugin can disable the AJAX cart fragments feature in WooCommerce.

It’s recommended that if you use this plugin, you either disable it selectively on certain pages or make sure you enable the “redirect to cart” option in WooCommerce’s settings so that when a customer adds a product to their cart, they are automatically redirected to the cart page automatically. Otherwise, they may get confused about why their chosen product hasn't been added to the cart.