Password protected directories - SolidCP

This guide will show you, how to create Password Protected directories in your "SolidCP" control panel. Using these steps you can hide your folders  and only those who have the credentials will be able to access them.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your "SolidCP" hosting control panel here:

  2. Click on "Web" icon and select "Websites" from the popup menu.

  3. "Websites list" page will appear. Click on the "Website name" for which you would like to protect a directory.

  4. "Website Properties" page will appear. Click on "Virtual Dirs" tab.

  5. For these next steps you must have a directory already created for the folders you want to secure. Click "Create Directory".

  6. Enter the name of the directory you already have into the "Directory Name" box.

  7. Select the folders you would like to secure then Click "Create Directory" button.

  8. After that, the new directory you have created during the previous step will be listed on the page. Click on that directory name.

  9. Un-check the box next to "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication".

  10. Click on "Extensions" tab.

  11. Here you can enable the extensions that you need in the directory and Click the "Update" button.

  12. Then click "Secure Folders" tab

  13. Click "Enable Secured Folders" and then click OK on the warning page.

  14. Click the "Add User" button

  15. Create the user name and password you want to use to secure your files. These may be the same as the user name and password used in the directory. Click "Save" button after filling the credentials.

  16. Click the "Add Folder" button

  17. Enter the name of the directory you already have into the Folder Title box

18)  Select the folders you want to secure inside of your directory (if you want to secure everything, select the Root Folder)

19)  Select the users you want to be able to access the secured folders and Click the "Save" button

  1. Click on the "Update" button to finish the process

You have now secured your folder. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time via our chat or at: [email protected]