FileZilla FTP client

With FileZilla you can easily and reliably connect to your hosting FTP service. You can choose between two connection methods: "Quickconnect" and "Site Manager"

"Quickconnect" can be used right from the main window by entering the FTP host address in the "Host" field, the FTP user/password in the respective boxes. The port filed can be left empty (by default it connects on port 21) or you can type 21 in the "Port" box. Hit "the "Quickconnect" button and you will be connected via FTP to your hosting space.

If you would like to store your connection please use the "Site Manager" option. Open "File" --> "Site manager" and then click on "New site". Enter your FTP host address, Port number (21 by default) and the FTP User/Password. The protocol can be selected depending on your needs, our servers support both FTP and Secure FTP (FTP over TLS). Encryption can be left on "Plain FTP" or alternatively if you would like to use TLS encryption, please choose "Require explicit FTP over TLS". Your settings will be saved, you can rename the connection via the "Rename" button on the creation box or further manage it with the provided options there.

For additional help with the application, please visit the official support section of the FileZilla project here: