How to fix ""cPanel Error: Your IP has Changed""

cPanel will sometimes show IP address has changed! while you're trying to connect.

This is when your Network IP address is changing constantly and cPanel is protecting you from possible session hijacking. 

Some ISPs (like mobile networks or Wifi providers) have short DHCP life times, this can cause the behavior described.

With our cPanel based packages you have two alternatives to fix this:

Use a different network

Use a different network (or get a static IP from your current ISP) anytime you want to access cPanel.

Use ProxyServer

Use ProxyServer to set a Static IP for your cPanel access purpose.

For the second option you need to gain temporary access to your cPanel and then do the following:

  1. Login to your cPanel:

  1. Go to Subdomains.

  1. In the next windows create a subdomain cpanel.

  1. Download the script cPanel Proxy to your local computer.

  2. Go to FileManager from the cPanel homepage.

  1. Open the recently created /cpanel folder.

  1. Click Upload and select the file you downloaded from your computer. 

  1. Select the folder and click Extract button.

NOTE: From now on, please use If you need any further assistance, be free to contact our Tech Support.