Restoring Automatic Backups

Once you have requested for Us to provide an Automatic backup of your hosting space, we will place an archived (tar.gz) file in your Hosting space, under the "Home" folder.

This file contains everything that was located in your "Home" folder at the time it was taken. The next steps after we have provided this archive file are as follows:

  1. Locate the file with the provided by Us name. This can be done via your Control Panel -> File manager, or you can connect using an FTP application.

  2. Extract the file either locally on your PC/Mac, or use the "Extract" option inside the Control panel -> File manager -> Select the file -> Click on "Extract" from the tool ribbon above.

  3. Once the backup archive is extracted, you can review and take any files you need, and then replace them in your website folders as needed.

Important note: Please keep in mind that since this is not a full Control Panel backup, we are unable to restore it for you.