Set Up My Email in Eudora 7.1

How Do I Set Up My Email in Eudora 7.1?

Open Eudora, then Tools, and Options.

Getting Started:
Real Name: my name
Email address: [email protected]
Mail Server (incoming):
User Name: [email protected]
SMTP Server (Outgoing):
Check box: Allow authentication

Checking Mail:
Mail Server:
User Name: [email protected]
Secure Sockets when receiving: Never

Incoming Mail:
Check "POP" and "Passwords."

Sending Mail:
Email address: [email protected]
SMTP server:
SMTP relay personality: none
Check boxes "Allow authentication" and "Immediate Send."
Secure Sockets when sending: Never

Even when above is selected, it pays to go into the personalities. 
Click on Tools, then Personalities. Right click a personality, then 
click on Properties. Ensure all info is same as above, especially 
Secure Sockets choice of Never.

Special Thanks to our client Frederick Su, who has provided us with this tutorial.