Automatic Payments via Credit Card or PayPal Subscription

We strongly recommend that you update your credit card and setup Automatic Payments (CC batch) or if paying via PayPal to setup PayPal Subscription in order to avoid any service interruptions incase you forget to pay your bill on time, or any lapse in service for packages such as domain renewals, SSL renewals, etc.

In order to setup AutomaticPayments (via CC batch) please login at our billing system at:

And follow these steps:

-> Click on "Billing" from the top menu bar
-> Select "Manage Credit Card"
-> Enter your credit card information in the appropriate fields/spaces provided
-> Click on "Save Changes"

NOTE: We will attempt to process any new invoices within 3 days of their generation date, in order to avoid certain time sensitive services to lapse such as domain name renewals, SSL certificates, etc. For some account types the payment maybe processed up to 3-4 weeks in advance from the actual due date on the invoice.

If you need assistance regarding thisprocess please contact our billing support available at: