If you see a tag in an email subject (Disarmed, Virus, Fraud..), you don't have to do anything, as it means that our security system has removed the dangerous content. This is part of our virus and content scanning system (MailScanner), designed to protect you from malicious emails.

MailScanner tags

The MailScanner tags potentially dangerous emails with a differently tag, depending on the threat they may pose:

{Disarmed} - indicates that the email contained html tags that are considered dangerous, e.g. iframe and form tags.
{Virus} - indicates that the email contained a virus and has had the attachment removed.
{Filename} - indicates that the email contained a dangerous file attachment which has been removed.
{Fraud} - indicates the e-mail may be fraudulent or designed to collect personal information.
{Spam} - indicates that the email is likely to be spam - you should filter these emails into a separate folder in your email client.

Those tags, are placed in email subject lines by our Mailscanner software, responsible for securing your mails.

What the MailScanner does is to detect and disarm potentially dangerous content in an email.

Note that NO email will be removed from your inbox, any mail reported by the system will have the subject line modified and header records added (tagged).

The MailScanner is scanning for the following kinds of content in emails:

  • Files with suspicious names, such as names with a lot of spaces, or those ending in a double extensions like ".doc.exe."

  • Files which have exactly the same names as known viruses, such as happy99.exe.

  • HTML tags which can be used for malicious purposes, such as ( Iframe tags ,Form Tags ,Script Tags)

  • WebBugs (hidden images/code for tracking sent email)

  • Object Codebase Tags (i.e. Flash or other media embedded in the email)

  • Phishing/Fraud

For more information you can also check the developer's page official documentation on the software:

This feature makes your email a lot safer!

If you're having an issue with someone you regularly receive mails from and are sure that the mails do not pose any danger, please open a support ticket for assistance.