Account Activation Time

Please, note most of our orders are processed automatically with minimum time wait. All VPS/Cloud servers are manually verified and fine tuned by our admins once the server is setup.

Our standard activation times are:

  1. Cloud/Shared, Reseller, and Private JVM accounts: 5 to 30 minutes

  2. VPS servers: 1-2 hours

  3. Dedicated Cloud servers: ~ 2 hours

NOTE: The above times may vary; in rare cases our billing department may require additional documentation and/or verification of your order.

It's important that you provide valid contact information, such as valid phone number, and email in order to speed up the process. If we can not match or verify your order our accounting department may require additional information from you.

After your account is activated you will receive a Welcome email containing all necessary account and access info. If you do not receive your Welcome in 6-12 hours please, contact our billing department or our Live Chat department (available 24/7).