How do I set up e-mail accounts in Outlook 2002 (Outlook XP)?

  1. Launch Outlook 2002. This will launch the setup.

  2. You will be asked if you want to configure an e-mail account, select Yes (which is the default) and click Next.

  3. You will be prompted to select what kind of mail account you want to set up. The default selection should be POP3. If this is not selected, select it and click Next.

  4. Next you will be prompted to enter your name, email address, incoming/outgoing servers, and your username/password. In the "Your Name" field you can type whatever you'd like to show up in the From: field of the messages you send out.

  5. The incoming mail server is

  6. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field Mochahost recommends that you use the outgoing mail server for your ISP (your internet service provider).

If you wish to use Mochahost's outgoing mail server, you can enter:, (replacing with your actual domain name.)

However, please note, that there are restrictions when using our outgoing mail server. To read more about these restrictions, please see our related article on SMTP restrictions.

The username will be your complete email address for the email account you wish to check: [email protected]