Recompile Apache EasyApache via SSH

Many times that EasyApache recompilation will time-out via the interface (WHM), in such cases the process can be executed flawlessly via shell, following the steps below:

use the ARROW keys to navigate trough the items on the list.
use the TAB key to navigate faster trough the Options (Next Step; Save and Build…).
use Page Up / Page Down for faster navigation trough the longer lists.

1. Login to the server via SSH

2. Execute the EasyApache build via the following script:

# /scripts/easyapache

3. On the next page press Enter to Continue.

4. Leave it at DEFAULT and choose Customize Profile.

5. Choose the Apache Version you like, or/and click Next Step.

6. Choose the PHP Version you like, or/and click Next Step.

7. Check the Apache/PHP Modules you wish to install and click Save and Build, or if you need additional extensions/modules click Exhaustive Options List.

8. Check the Apache/PHP Modules and choose Next Step.

9. Choose Save and Build for EasyApache to recompile with the new options.