Backup and Restore

You can use our control panel to backup and restore your site files and entire account, including database and emails.

For more information please review the following tutorial:

For SolidCP users:

For Plesk users:

You can also use the phpMyAdmin tool to export/import your MySQL databases.

Note: We strongly suggest that you backup your files and account data regularly to avoid data lost in event of server failure or system corruption.

Note: We can not guarantee that we will be able to recover your account in case of data corruption or system failure.

Note: We strongly recommend that you download your email message from our servers regularly - in case of data corruption you may loose your email message hosted on the server - this can be easily acheived if you use POP3 email client, instead of IMAP. We do not keep copies of emails being sent or delivered to our servers. Performing a full cPanel backup throughout our cPanel control will backup your emails as well.