Human Verification (How to enable/disable?)

In order to improve the security of your hosting account by default we have enabled a brute force protection for couple of the most popular web applications (including WordPress, and Joomla). Currently this feature is enabled by default for all of our Linux based shared hosting accounts.

When specific URLs associated with your applications are accessed, our system may get triggered, which will display an additional login prompt to confirm that you are a legitimate user, and not a bot or automatic brute force script. In order for you to bypass the verification, you need to answer correctly the question that the system is prompting to be answered. Once you successfully complete the verification, our system will not get triggered for a specific time period.

If you are facing issues such as being blocked out of your site or using specific plugins which are being impacted by our human verification module, you can disable this feature from your cPanel - control panel by clicking on the "Human Verification" link under section "Security". The interface is straight forward and allows you to control the settings for the individual domains hosted within your account.

Our recommendation is that you leave our human verification module enabled in order to get better protection for your websites and applications hosted. If you choose to disable this feature for any of your domains, we strongly recommend that you:

  1. Employ additional security modules,  brute force protection plugins, settings, etc - for any websites, or applications hosted. Most applications have an extensive list of extra security features/plugins you can benefit form.

  2. Maintain up to date version of any applications hosted within your hosting account. This is crucial for any website, or applications hosted.

  3. Maintain a strong administrator password for all applications hosted

For more information about application security, and how to select a strong password, please review our Blog articles at:

IMPORTANT: Disabling the Human Verification module, and NOT following the above 3 advises may result in your account, or website being compromised which among other hardship, will  require your entire account to be re-created from scratch.