Website Optimization Guide (Slow website trouble shoot!)

The following is a list of articles which you can use to optimize your website performance, and reduce the load on your account or VPS/Cloud server.

NOTE: Implementing the recommended suggestions from the articles below should be your first step if you are experiencing slowness of any kind, or want to speed up the loading time of your website!

Please, review the following article first before you jump to any of the web application specific articles:

* Website Performance:

Website Performance Optimization Tips

Now that you have reviewed our general optimization tips, please proceed with specific for your web application performance tips. If you do not see your web application outlined below, please check with the vendor (or application developer if you have one) of the app you are using, you can check their support forums if there is no support provided for it.

* WordPress:

How to optimize your WordPress for a better performance, and fast load times

Wordpress Optimizations with Redis and W3 Total Cache

* Joomla:

Joomla Optimization Steps

* Drupal:

Drupal Optimization Steps

* Magento:

Magento Optimization Steps

* OpenCart:

OpenCart Optimization Steps

* PrestaShop:

PrestaShop Optimization Guide

* DotNetNuke:

DotNetNuke Optimizations

And for all platforms we recommend that you optimize how your website handles search engine robots/spiders, by following:

Using robots.txt in order to optimize your site performance and reduce your website load