Expired Domains

Letting a domain name to expire is NOT a good idea and we strongly suggest that you avoid at all cost. Please, make sure that you pay any pending domain name renewal invoices prior to the domain name expiration in order to make sure that your domain name gets properly renewed and you do not loose your domain name!

If a domain name expire, you are taking a chance to either loose the domain name permanently, or end up paying a hefty fee which is enforced not by us, but the actual domain registrars. You can check the following article for more information on the states of an expired domains, and what happens if a domain expires.

If we can renew an expired domain name that depends on how long ago the domain name has expired. Renewal and pricing of expired domain name are subject to the current domain and registrar status as outlined in this article. For exact domain renewal fees and status, please contact us by sending a request to: [email protected]

For expired domains which belong to canceled hosting accounts, the fee is calculated based on the current domain renewal fee + $10.

To renew an existing domain name (which has not expired yet) please, check:

How to renew my domain name.