Missing data

Please note that MochaHost will never remove any of your website files, as well as your index file which is a vital part of your website, under any circumstances not described in our Terms and Conditions. Even when there is a direct conflict with our TAC document (which you agreed to upon registering in our system), our Abuse department will contact you on this matter with a notice informing you of the problem.

Cases where you might confuse your website files as missing:

  1. There is a conflict with our terms and conditions concerning the content of your website(s) where we include code in your config files hiding your website from being displayed.
  2. Your hosting plan is suspended due to issues described in the suspension email we've sent.
  3. Your domain is expired.

Cases where your certain website files will be removed:
a) Direct conflict with our TAC resulting with complaints from third parties and Internet Authorities.
b) Ignoring all of our emails sent to inform you of such an issue will result with a suspension (see p.1 and p.2).

NOTE: Even if we are supposed to remove your files we will never do this without informing you. 99.99% of the time the problem is not serious and we will ask you to remove the files yourself, helping you along the way.