Creating and Managing Support Tickets in the Client Area

This tutorial will teach how to create and manage support tickets in the client area. Support tickets are a great way of communicating with us when you are looking for support, such as having questions answered, reporting problems, or asking for assistance. The ticket system leaves a paper trail for both you and us to follow so that we both know that the issues were resolved. It also gives you a record of the situation, so you can return back to it if you want to recap on that case.

On the Client Area page, in the client area menu, click on Support -> My Tickets. This takes you to the Support Ticket Page, where you can submit a ticket, review your ticket history or even search by Ticket ID. You can create and send tickets to the department of your choice.

To open a ticket, select the department you would like to send the ticket to. The ticket will open with your information filled in. Enter a subject, then enter your ticket details in the big box. When you are ready, click Submit. You have now successfully submitted a support ticket, and a copy of it has been emailed to you.

You can also review your entire ticket history in the same menu. If a ticket is open, and you wish to add more to it/reply, click on the Subject to open it and you can scroll down and add a reply to it. You may also mark the ticket closed by clicking on the If resolved, click here to close the ticket button.