Increasing Service Startup Timeout

How to increase the delay of the start

In some environments the services may require more time to start or stop.

To increase the delay of the start, please follow the steps below:

Using the services.msc

1. Run services.msc.

2. Right-click on the service you would like to configure.

3. Select Properties from the context menu.

4. On the General tab, switch the Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start).

Using the CMD (Command Prompt):

1. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator.

2. Use the following syntax to change the Service Timeout to Delayed Start:

sc config start=

For Example:

sc config W3SVC start=delayed-auto

Using the registry editor:

You can extend the timeout value for the service startup in the Windows registry.

1. In Registry Editor, locate, and then right-click the following registry subkey: HKEY\_LOCAL\_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

2. Point to New and click DWORD Value.

3. In the right pane of Registry Editor a new value named New Value #1 will appear.

4. Type ServicesPipeTimeout to rename New Value #1, and then press ENTER.

5. Right-click the ServicesPipeTimeout registry entry that you created and chooseModify. The Edit DWORD Value dialog box will appear.

6. Change Base to Decimal.

7. In the Value data text box, type **, where TimeoutPeriod is the amount of time allowed for the service to start (in milliseconds), and then click OK**.

8. Finally, restart the machine.