We support SSH / SFTP

We support SSH for all of our Linux VPS & Cloud servers. Please, check your VPS/Cloud activation email for more info on how to use SSH.

Also, for our Linux Mocha shared and WordPress Advanced, and all Private JVM accounts, we provide SSH / SFTP support (Since Dec 28th, 2017). Please, contact our support if you need SSH access and you have our Mocha or WordPress Premium or Private JVM accounts.

Please, note the following applies for our Mocha / WP Advanced / Private JVM packages:

  1. SSH can be accessed via password or via key-based authentication

  2. SSH can be accessed only from ONE IP address, which should be allowed in SSH Remote Access plugin

  3. Only one SSH connection is allowed

  4. SSH PORT: 4747

Useful external documentations for using keys as authentication method (better than using password authentication):

Using PuTTYgen to generate a new SSH key -

Using command line SSH client (@Linux) to generate a new SSH key -