Restore higher version database backup on lower version MS SQL server

Script the database Objects and restore them on the server

To script the database objects you can use Generate Scripts Task.

  1. Generate Scripts Task can be found in MS SQL Server management studio.

  2. Right Click on the database -> Click On Tasks -> Then Click on Generate Scripts…

Run through the wizard.

In the set scripting options tab in the generate scripts wizard click on advanced and select the following options:

  1. For ‘types of data to script’ option Select ‘Schema and data

  2. For ‘Script for version’ select the required target MS SQL Server version

  3. Generate the scripts and run the generated scripts on the destination server.

You may have to run the script multiple times when you face any error.

Create a new database every time you rerun the script.

Fix the errors that you may face due to order in which objects are created (or) data is inserted into tables different tables.