Chaning the .NET pool when using Orchad CMS

There are two ways of changing the .NET pool when you are using Orchard CMS / 

  1. If you are using the IIS Remote Manager please follow these steps: 
  • Open IIS Manager. For information about opening IIS Manager, see Open IIS Manager (IIS 7).

  • In the Connections panel, expand the server node and click Application Pools.

  • On the Application Pools page, select the application pool that contains the application that you want to change.

  • In the Actions panel, click View Applications.

  • Select the application whose application pool you want to change and then click Change Application Pool in the Actions panel.

  • In the Select Application Pool dialog box, select an application pool from the Application pool list and then click OK.

  1. If you are using the WebSite Panel: Log in the WebSite Panel -> Click on WebSites -> Click on the particular website name-> Click on tab 

"Extensions" and set the ASP version to 4.0