Wordpress Optimizations with Redis and W3 Total Cache

In this tutorial, we will install and configure "W3 Total Cache" with Redis on Wordpress to reduce the server load and improve the site speed.

NOTE: Redis is currently available for our WordPress Advanced cloud package, as well as our Mocha cloud plan.

Install and configure "W3 Total Cache"

  1. Enable Redis server from cPanel, for more information, please refer to the following article

  2. Login to your Wordpress as admin

  3. Go to plugins -> Add New

  4. Search for "W3 Total Cache" and install it (Disable any other caching plugins, you won't need these.

  5. Activate "W3 Total Cache" by clicking on Activate button

  6. Go to Performance -> General Settings

  7. Then, scroll down to Page Cache to enable and select Redis for the Page Cache Method, repeate this step for Database Cache and Object Cache

  8. Go to Performance -> Page Cache -> Scroll down to the Advanced section and fill the Redis settings

Redis hostname:port / IP:port: IP Address and Port can be viewed from cPanel -> Mocha Redis

Redis password: Password is stored in cPanel -> Mocha Redis

  1. Click on "Save All Settings"

  2. Repeate the above steps for Performance -> Database Cache and Performance -> Object Cache