How to install application server

NOTE: This article applies only for our Private JVM tool available for all cPanel Private JVM Linux accounts (does not apply to our Shared JVM Business, or Shared JVM Mocha accounts). The private JVM is also available for our Java VPS + Java cloud packages.

Install application server

If you have not previously installed an application server, you will only see the "Install Private JVM" menu when you enter your Private JVM tool. You need to select a version for your application server, and then click on the install button - this will install an application server of choice for your Private JVM account.

If you have previously installed an application server, you need to delete it first before you can install any other versions/application servers.

Please see bellow the frequently asked question about this topic:

Q: Which version of tomcat are available?
A: We support all major branches of Apache Tomcat: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  On all servers by default we have installed the latest available versions.

Q: I need a specific version for my application, is there a way to use it?
A: If you need a specific version that you don't see listed under your Private JVM tool, you need to contact our support team and they will install the requested version on the server.

Q: I get an error message when installing the application server, what to do?
A: Please open a support ticket with the exact message you have received and the exact version you tried to install.

Q: Previously I used to see the "Install Private JVM" menu even if I have installed Tomcat, now it is gone. Is that normal?
A: Once you have installed Tomcat application server, you won't see the Install Private JVM link any longer. If you need to install different version, you need to delete your previous Tomcat Installation first, and then you will be able to install a new application server

NOTE: If you are currently using an account that does not come with our private JVM tool, you can easily upgrade to a Private JVM account using our upgrade form located at: