How to renew your Domain Name?

If you are reading this article, you have most likely received a notice from us (or ICANN) regarding your domain name pending expiration (for any domain names registered through us ONLY), the below steps will help you renew your domain name.

First, you have to log-in to our billing system in order to make a payment for your domain name renewal at:

Please, enter the following information:



NOTE: The password is case sensitive.

To make your payment, please do the following:

-> Click on the "Billing" option from the top bar menu
-> Click on "My Invoices"
-> From the invoice list, click on the invoice number corresponding to your domain
-> Proceed with the payment

  • Note: If you have more that 1 invoice, you will have to pay each invoice individually one at a time.

Once you have successfully made a payment for your domain name, the domain name should automatic renew within 30-60 minutes. If you have problems accessing your domain name after a payment, please contact our Live Chat support for immediate assistance.

Important Note: When renewing a domain name, please double check to make sure that you are not renewing a domain name that is not registered through us, this can be the case for any previously failed domain name transfers or simply for domain names that are registered with another company.