Problems retrieving e-mail with Norton Anti-Virus installed.

Unable to retrieve any POP3 e-mail with NAV (Norton Anti Virus) installed.

You may get an error message saying something like, "The connection to the server has failed."

The server is identified as either "" or "". This is because Norton Anti-Virus positions itself between the POP3 mail server and the e-mail client making it a critical link. When it malfunctions it can halt e-mail delivery.

E-mail scanning has to take place in real-time. Once the e-mail shows up in your in-box it's too late in many cases to prevent damage by a malicious worm or attachment. The anti-virus software has to therefore intercept the e-mail message after it leaves the POP3 server but before it gets to the PC's e-mail program.

Norton does this by installing a virtual POP3 server on the PC. When NAV2000 is installed it creates this virtual server, giving it an address of (a standard loopback IP address); NAV2001 calls it All incoming mail is then routed through this virtual server before being sent to your inbox.

If you press CTRL-ALT-DELETE you will see a program running called Popproxy. This is NAV's virtual server.

The system will work fine as long as NAV's virtual POP3 server is open for business. If this process gets shut down, the virtual server will stop working and no mail will get forwarded to the e-mail client.

In order to solve this issue you will need to set the POP3 server address to the Mochahost's original POP3 address: HOWEVER, doing this will also disable any real-time e-mail virus checking by Norton.

Please note that Mochahost can not trouble shoot any pop3 connection issues if the pop3 server is set to Norton's server, If you wish to use Norton to scan your email, you will need to contact Norton Support for further help regarding this issue.