Main Domain change - cPanel

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that all of your settings - email accounts, subdomains, etc. - which are configured for your Parked / Addon domains will be deleted, if you decide to remove the parked / addon domain. You should recreate these settings, when the domain is added again in your hosting account.

The main domain of the hosting account can be changed, but before the change you should consider the following:

  1. The new domain must be registered and configured with the correct DNS servers for your hosting account.

  2. When we change the primary domain of the hosting account all adjustments made for this domain, such as set up email accounts, FTP accounts, sub-domains and others, will be automatically assigned to the new domain.

  3. If there are installed applications for the domain whose configuration is set the main domain name, then after changing the primary domain you will need to update the settings.

If the domain which you want to be configured for new primary domain of the hosting account is already configured in the control panel as a Parked domain or Addon domain is necessary in advance to remove it. Then you can set it as the new main domain for the hosting account.