Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools by Attracta™ - WebSite Panel

To enable Attracta’s SEO and Marketing Tools on, you will need to connect the Attracta hosted XML Sitemap to your website’s robots.txt file.

You can access your website’s files via FTP or the panel Web File Manager. In order to get the FTP login information for your website, you will need to access the ‘View Space Summary’ area of WebSite Panel.

  1. Locate a file in your website’s document root directory called robots.txt. If one does not exist, create a blank file with that name.

  2. Open the file for editing.

  3. Add a line with ‘Sitemap: ‘ to the robots.txt file.

  4. Access the ‘Settings’ area of your Attracta account:

  5. Right click on the ‘View’ link and choose ‘Copy Link Address’.

  6. Paste that ‘link address’ into the new line of robots.txt like so:

  7. Save the file.

You should now check the robots.txt file by going to the file in a web browser:

Please ensure that file contains the above sitemap line.