How to enable LSCache for Laravel


This plugin only works on the following cPanel packages:

  • Ultimate
  • WP Professional

This article describes how to enable LSCache on Laravel 5.5 and above.

LSCache uses advanced cache-management tools and optimization features to create an unmatched user experience, provides premium optimization features for faster page loading and improved scores on page speed measurement sites.


You should publish the package configuration, which allows you to set the defaults for the X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control header:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Litespeed\LSCache\LSCacheServiceProvider"

Enable CacheLookup for LiteSpeed Cache

To enable CacheLookup for LiteSpeed Cache, you have to include the following code, either on server, vhost or .htaccess level:

 CacheLookup on 

Verify Your Site is Being Cached

  1. Open LSCache Check Tool.

  2. Enter the URL you wish to check.

The tool will respond with an easy-to-read Yes or No result, and a display of the URL's response headers, in case you want to examine the results more closely.